Your pre-storage checklist

We know you are busy making big decisions!

So just checking in to see if you've got everything you need?

  • Decide what you want to store by making an inventory.
  • Do you have suitable packing materials: Boxes, bubble wrap, packaging tape, permanent markers and possibly stacking blankets?
  • Get quotes, book and pay your storage deposit and rental - our online resources makes this a walk in the park!
  • Remember to buy a padlock for your storage unit  - we do offer them for sale.
  • We can recommend a  removal company for you to get quotes on transporting your items to our facility.
  • Remember to speak to your household insurance company to get your items in storage insured. Most storage companies only cover building insurance so any breakages / loss of property must be insured.

Now enjoy peace of mind, knowing your items are safe and sound!


Client Quotes

“Extra Attic was a great place to store my stuff - always felt very secure and safe from the elements - thanks!”

“Your administration has been efficient and hassle-free, and the 24 hour access is both secure and efficient / easy.”

“Great service, best price, best availability within Cape Town”