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Small storage unit - 2 x 2

What fits?

Contents of a Garden shed OR odds & ends in the house OR temporary storage for students.

This might include:

  • sports gear
  • fishing rods
  • surfboards
  • suitcases
  • valuables
  • documents & records

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Client Quotes

“Very friendly, very pro-active, very efficient”

“No matter what time of day or night you arrive at the site, the security staff are always welcoming.”

“I would recommend The Extra Attic to anyone wanting secure affordable lock up facilities”

Security Guard on Walkie Talkie

Want secure household storage?

Make sure your treasured possessions are kept just as you left them …

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Secure Self Storage Units

Need cost-effective business storage?

Used properly, business storage is a serious commercial asset.

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Reception Desk

Traveling or retiring
(or both)?

Discover how Extra Attic helps hundreds of long-term storage customers ...

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